January 2021 - Conferences A Gogo - Part 1

There are Java developer events all the time, except when they decide to put them all together in a week. 😣

So I have registered to jChampions, VJUG’s talk by Victor Rentea, and DawsCon. Here are my main takeaways for the sessions that I have actually watched (more or less).

Richard Warburton - Continuous Profiling in Production: What, Why and How
Profiling in production: what a weird idea! How does one do that? Statistical profiler (low overhead) and profile continuously (as opposed to ad hoc). To be investigated and tried in practice.
Gail & Paul Anderson - It’s How We Play the Game - JavaFX and GraalVM
Demo/hands-on of Gluon which offers multi-platform JavaFX. Have to say that while rather cool, I have my doubts with multi-platform development in general.
Mario Fusco - Let’s make a contract: the art of designing a Java API
Best practices for (Java) API design: dogfeed these APIs as much as possible, Optional might be the mother of bikeshedding1 😆. The talk is opinionated (Mario underlined that a couple of times) which is good!
Victor Rentea - Don’t Be Mocked by your Mocks: Listening to your Tests
Best practices for the use of mocks, mainly: don’t use them except when for legacy code, external systems/libraries, slow/unreliable resources, well defined roles (component/interface with a separate role). Really interesting and would be great to implement.
Ian Darwin - Flutter is the new Java - or is it?
Hands-on with Flutter which offers a multi-platform development using Dart. Again, I’m meh with multi-platform development.
Henri Tremblay - (Let’s) Refactor Together
Live refactoring examples. The Q&A at the end is the most interesting part (a bit redundant with Victor’s talk about mocks earlier).

  1. Bikeshedding = Arguing for an infinite amount of time on the most trivial matter ↩︎

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