January 2021 - Conferences A Gogo - Finale

This is the final entry to the series for the January 2021 online conferences which I have attended online. Note that watching after the event occurred on YouTube allows setting playback speed 1.51 or higher which is a cool hack!

Henri Tremblay - Refactor Together
Hands-on for implementing tests before refactoring. A bit like the Gilded Rose code kata but with their own code.
Gail & Paul Anderson - It’s How We Play the Game - JavaFX and GraalVM
I liked this talk which presented a solution (Gluon) for multi-platform (specifically mobile: iOS/Android) development using Java. For more information, the following talk is actually from someone at Gluon: JavaFX: Cross-platform UI development in Java on desktop, mobile and embedded clients.
Ian Darwin - Flutter is the new Java - or is it?
For multi-platform (mobile) development, Flutter offers a Dart-backed solution. This talk gives an overview of how it works.
Cesar Hernandez - Paving the way with Jakarta EE and Apache TomEE
The story of Jakarta EE (previously named Java EE before its ownership being donated from Oracle to the Eclipse Foundation), and a quick migration demo.
Henri Tremblay - This stupid multi-threaded code isn’t working. I hate Java!
Presents using jcstress for concurrency testing as well as provides an overview of concurrency (thread isolation) issues (which as we know is one of the two hard things in computer science with naming things and off-by-one error)2.
Heather VanCura - Java Community Participation and Collaboration in 2021
Promotes the work of the Java Community Process (JCP), invites developers to join and gives insights on how to contribute. Cool ideas: 1- Pick a project: OpenJDK participate/feedback, Quality outreach group (maven, Eclipse collections…), FOSS, Java in Education workshop, Active JSRs, 2- Communicate two-ways, 3- Decide what action: share ideas, feedback … evangelize (blogging), … help with documentation, translating…. 4- follow discussion/comment - issue tracker, 5- participate to hack days/workshop

Francis Toth - Functional Design Hands-on/good practices of functional programming.

James Weaver - Quantum Party Tricks: An entertaining introduction to quantum computing
In addition to giving an introduction to the topic (with grumpy/happy cats), James Weaver has developped and shared a Minecraft-like game for teaching quantum computing!
Félix Roberge - Operators: The what, the why and the how
In this context ‘Operators’ means ‘way to package and run Kubernetes applications while taking advantage of its API’, in other words it is a programmatic layer of abstraction for operations such as installation, configuration, deployment… on a Kubernetes cluster.
Hugh McKee - How We Code: From Loops to Functions, to Actors?
A really interesting talk about programming languages: imperative (object-oriented), functional vs. actor model, in short: functional and actor model make a lot of sense but “Change is hard”.
Sven Ruppert - Using WebComponents with Java on the server-side
Sven talks about Vaadin Flow and DevSecOps (via https://jfrog.com) while hiking in the Harz national park!

All in all many many interesting talks! I wish I had time to see a couple others…

  1. For this hack I thank my drummer spouse who finds it useful for practicing music pieces! ↩︎

  2. There are two hard things in computer science… Tweet thread where Tim Bray confirming the quote from Phil Karlton that there are two hard things in computer science… ↩︎