Playing Catch-up with the Developer Community

After all this time of developing in Java for different industries/companies, it is a sore realization that my connection to the community of developers is rather non-existing: a couple of Stack Overflow answers, a Github account for interview homeworks, attendances to one or two conferences (Devoxx France / Agile Tour Montréal).

Still, I have been following a number of Twitter accounts (most often because of how helpful the people have been while developing for work) so I had a broad idea of what I had been missing so far: conference talks, books, JUGs, meetups. I have resolved to contribute a bit more this year, especially since I have been unemployed since last December.

After searching for resources for a bit…

… here is what I got!

What did I find?

The greats are everywhere:

I an not alone

I think this article is particularly inspiring: Thank you @Neha Sardana for showing the way!

How do I start?

Join a community

  • I especially like that of / @CodeNewbies for how they encourage new comers to join (I’ll be sure to do so).
  • I have subscribed to the Montréal JUG and joined the VJUG’s Slack.

Find mentors

Keep up with the community news (not just Java)

I am now following a bunch of Twitter handles + blogs (the latter using

Attend conferences

I registered to the jChampion and DawsCon conferences which, I am sure, will be great sources of topics.

How do I keep going?

That’s the big question. While I am unemployed and have the ‘time’ (parenting is a handful though) then I can make it work but what after that?

Something changed when I learnt the difference between “not having time” and “making time for something”.

You make time for things if they are important to you.

— Catalin Pit (@catalinmpit) January 8, 2021

‘Making time for things if they are important for you’ is a bit overwhelming at the moment though. Here are some of the priorities that I see myself setting:

  • I hope to keep interacting with people.
  • I need to pace myself for the long run.

The objective is that at some point I can find my place in this community of people sharing the same craft.

Please feel free to share any resource that you think would be useful!

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