January 2021 - Conferences A Gogo - Part 2

This is the second entry to the series for the January 2021 online conferences which I have attended.

Today is DawsCon! I had the pleasure to attend Ken Fogel’s talk at the Montreal JUG1.

Venkat Subramaniam - Keynote - This Ain’t Your Parents’ Java
Cool hands-on review of how Java has evolved in terms of features.
Simon Ritter - Java at Speed: Building a Better JVM
Very articulate and in-depth view of Java Virtual Machine optimizations (implemented in Azul Zing®).
David Delabassée - Java and the 40 versions – January 2021 Edition
Gives a view on the OpenJDK 6-month release process and then the newly-added features in the latest versions of Java.
Mary Grygleski - Thirst-Quenching Streams for the Reactive Mind
Reactive development
Billy Korando - Upgrade Your Automated Tests with JUnit 5
Hands-on and neat features brought by JUnit 5. Thanks to Billy, I realized that contrarily to what the Maven surefire plugin doc indicates running parallel tests works, it just needs to be configured by setting <configurationParameters>. Also, I see that fluent assertions as is done in Assertj is not one of those new features 😔

  1. Meetup Page and Java Programming Best Practices on YouTube ↩︎

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