January 2021 - Conferences A Gogo - Part 3

This is the third entry to the series for the January 2021 online conferences which I have attended.

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Rafael Del Nero - Duke’s Star Trek with Java 15 Code Challenges
Fun code puzzles presenting features per JDK version. The sources are available at https://github.com/rafadelnero/startrek-javachallengers
Nikhil Nanivadekar - Getting Started with Kafka
Hands-on demonstration of Apache Kafka (stream-processing platform). I liked (but would not dare sport) Nikhil’s style of presenting (no slide, everything typed in a text file in the IDE!).
Mohamed Taman - Do you use the Optional class as it should be?
Best practices for the Optional API. I caught on an error in Code Recipe #10 where Optional#orElseGet(...) is not expected to return Optional.<String>of(...), the use of Optional.or is correct though.
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